Natural 7A Blue Moonstone 11pcs Oval-shaped S925 Sterling Silver Bracelet


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✅ Gemstone piece: 11pcs
✅Gemstone each size: 2.9mm x 4.8mm
✅ Length: 15cm + 5cm extension chain
✅Certificate of gemstone & jewelry identification by ZZTC
Blue Moonstone is a healing stone that is brimming with feminine energy. This is a gentle stone that gives off tranquil and healing properties that can surround you like a hug.
The meaning of Blue Moonstone is all about promoting healthy and loving relationships, energizing your passions and inspiring you to let your creative juices flow.
You may hear Blue Moonstone referred to as the Stone Of New Beginnings. That is because this stone has healing properties that can help us shed old fears, bad habits and instabilities in order to move forward with faith and courage. A new beginning could be about love, a new job, a business venture or simply the start of self-acceptance, joy and inner peace.
Blue Moonstone is highly valued in the crystal healing world for its many spiritual, emotional, physical and metaphysical properties and benefits. This is a gentle, soothing stone that you’ll want to add to your daily healing regimen.
Blue Moonstone is also often used by crystal healers with the goal of assisting with issues such as jet lag and travel fatigue, insomnia, depression, anxiety and a multitude of sleep disorders.
1、装饰自身 蓝月光石的外观柔美、优雅,材质细腻,光泽温和,是一种非常美丽迷人的宝石,佩戴在身上可以增添气质,由内而外地加强个人魅力,带来从容的举止与优雅的态度。
2、改善心情 蓝月光石呈现出的光泽迷人、柔和,佩戴在身上时能够让人感觉放松,在内心压抑的时候能够舒缓情绪,减轻压力。晚上放在枕头下面,可以助人安然入眠,得到充分休息。
3、吸引异性 蓝月光石是象征爱情的宝石,可以散发出浪漫的情调,增强感情七分,适合作为爱情信物互赠对方,单身人士佩戴则有吸引异性的功效作用。

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