Natural AAA Prehnite with Strawberry Quartz Handmade Bracelet


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  • Designed and handmade by B.C.
  • 14k gold plated hardware
  • Tarnish resistant processed
  • Measures 15cm to 18cm in length
♥ Truth ♥ Calmness ♥ Sincerity ♥ Sensitivity
Prehnite is considered a stone of unconditional love and the crystal to heal the healer. It enhances precognition and inner knowing. Enables you always to be prepared. Prehnite calms the environment and brings peace and protection. It teaches how to be in harmony with nature and the elemental forces. Helpful for “decluttering” – letting go of possessions you no longer need, aiding those who hoard possessions, or love, because of an inner lack. Prehnite alleviates nightmares, phobias and deep fears, uncovering and healing the dis-ease that creates them. It is a stone for dreaming and remembering. Beneficial for hyperactive children and the causes that underlie the condition.
Prehnite heals the kidneys and bladder, thymus gland, shoulders, chest and lungs. It treats gout and blood disorders. Prehnite repairs the connective tissue in the body and can stabilize malignancy.
♥ Love ♥ Communication ♥ Purification
Strawberry Quartz embodies a powerful love vibration but it does much more to benefit your life. It has a strong energy to stimulate a flow of happiness and joy.
It is supportive during life changes, and may also aid you if you are experiencing feelings of stress, depression or worry.
Their energy is beneficial to settle your emotions and give comfort to you.
Although its energy is powerful at the heart and higher heart chakras, it resonates strongly within all chakras.
This includes at the crown chakra, where it creates an impressive connection.
It has a quite shamanistic energy, that has been used to create a loving energetic bond between members of a group who take part in ceremonies where it is used.
These stones embody powerful healing properties that relate to their action to assist emotional healing.
4、用葡萄石静心打座,可以增强免疫系统,减少生病,而且葡萄石对心 脏、肺脏有显著的功效,内涵的磁石也让能量更强,财运旺,带来生活的新希望和信心,创造新的机会。
2、草莓水晶主爱情与人际关系。 业务人员佩戴草莓晶可增加业绩。 此外,草莓水晶还能增强爱情运势,有助于吸引美好的姻缘,佩带草莓水晶还能增加个人魅力、增进人际关系的美好圆融、和谐友善。

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