Natural Alashan Agate Bracelet


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Alashan Agate is found in the Gobi Desert which is in the Chinese part of Mongolia. This location used to be ocean billions of year ago. Approximately 80 millions to one billion year ago, volcano eruptions created these beautiful stones. They were then buried in the sands of the Gobi Desert.
Alashan Agate is an excellent stone for re-balancing and harmonizing body, mind and spirit. It cleanses and stabilizes the aura, eliminating and transforming negativity. Agate enhances mental function, improving concentration, perception and analytical abilities. It soothes and calms, healing inner anger or tension and creates a sense of security and safety.
Alashan Agate heals the eyes, stomach and uterus; cleanses the lymphatic system and the pancreas; strengthens blood vessels and heals skin disorders.

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