Natural Fluorites Chip Beads Handmade Jewellery Bracelet


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  • Designed and handmade by B.C.
  • 14k gold plated hardware
  • Tarnish resistant processed
  • Measures 16cm to 19cm in length
♥ Fluorite gemstone is often referred to as “Genius Stone” due to its ability to help people achieve their goals, acquire new knowledge, and activate both brain hemispheres simultaneously. It is believed that wearing this stone may help you achieve perfection through knowledge, help you balance memory, and achieve harmony.
♥Fluorite is associated with many physical healing properties that are mainly focused on bringing harmony and balance to the body. Its properties are connected with the perfect health of the body. Wearing jewelry made from this gemstone will help neutralize infections, improve recovery from viral infections, it stimulates the immune system and helps reducing inflammation.
♥Emotional Healing Properties
– intuition, emotional stability and balance, confidence, dexterity
– compassion, fear of future, wrong decisions, self-confidence
– balances relationship, fair reasoning, objectivity
♥Wearing Fluorite crystals is mainly beneficial for persons that are looking for balance, grounding, and powerful gemstone that will help them harmonize spiritual energy. This stone will help you clear your mind, improve relations with important persons in your life and make positive decisions. It will balance the chemistry of your brain and remove negative energy from your surroundings.



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