Natural Golden Auralite23 Sugar Loaf Bracelet


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Auralite 23, is renowned as a very rare and powerful crystal. There is only one known place where these crystals are found and scientists believe these crystals were formed over a billion years ago when a meteor crashed into the earth.
So, if you own this crystal, you are a very lucky person. The crystal can help you in aligning all the chakras, reducing stress, and promoting well-being.
Auralite 23 is more commonly known as red cap Amethyst. It is an incredibly rare and very old gemstone. A single stone of auralite 23 can contain silver, copper, platinum, epidote, and more!
Auralite 23 can offer you many benefits. It is believed that the stone helps you receive more positive energies by opening your mind to them. The gemstone can help you feel a strong connection to a higher power.
Auralite 23 can also help you connect with your inner self. This means that you will have a better understanding of yourself, your needs, and your desires. The stone is also said to boost intuitive powers.
The auralite 23 crystal is also used as a manifestation stone. It is believed that you can manifest your wishes and desires through this stone. Auralite 23 can help you form a stronger mind-body connection. The stone helps to relieve stress and anxiety and can even help with muscle pain. The stone can also help you get rid of headaches and eye strains. It is also believed to help with cardiovascular health as it aids the flow of blood.
Auralite 23 极光水晶是「世界上最古老的水晶宝石」极光23集增强并矿物的能量功效的极光23能全面提升你的全身能量,帮助你充分发挥作用,七有改善整体状况,极光疗愈全身23,调整强者的功效机能。
从脉轮的角度,她也涵盖了代表安全感和存在感的海底轮(深红色、黑色)、 代表潜意识能量的太阳神经丛(黄色)以及代表智慧与直觉的眉心轮(紫色)。所以她会帮助佩戴者提升存在感及安全感,提升智慧与直觉,并提升潜意识能量。她所覆盖的海底轮、太阳神经丛以及眉心轮, 也恰好是人体从下到上的顺序,是从基础循序渐进的,更是生命与智慧的过程。觉得自己定力不够,意志力薄弱,没办法调整和引导自己情绪的人,可以佩戴此晶石。当想要与人谈事,想提升自己的存在感和底气的,也可以佩戴。认为自己需要提升思考能力、执行力,或者希望自己可以想明白更多事情的话,她也能给予能量上的帮助。

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