Natural Lazurite 5mm Beads Handmade Jewellery Bracelets (2pieces/set)


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  • Designed and handmade by B.C.
  • Silver plated hardware
  • Tarnish resistant processed
  • Suitable wrist size:14cm – 17cm
Lazurite stimulates the third eye chakra, promoting intuitive abilities and psychic development. Lazurite is the perfect crystal for the spiritual traveller, moving onwards in the direction of a being of light. Lazurite expands awareness and enhances memory. … Lazurite promotes an understanding and speaking of truths.
Lazulite will help you see the reality of your life, especially if you pair it with Melodys Stone. It will detoxify your heart, mind, and soul and balance both your yin and yang energies.
This crystal will also increase your intuitive power. It will help you stay away from bad and addictive habits.
This crystal will provide you with a limitless supply of positive energies.
Lazulite’s energies will help you face the challenges of life with strength and courage, and they will help you achieve inner peace.
If you’re finding that your energy levels seem to spiral up and down across the day, rather than being consistent, Lazulite can help here.
It will restore some harmony to your internal systems, helping you progress without any nasty crashing feelings.
Likewise, it can influence you to make decisions that are more effective for long term health. It might well give you food cravings for healthier options you might ignore otherwise!
This stone is also a strong one for overcoming aches in your joints and limbs. If you are trying to get more exercise, but find these pangs of pain holding you back, you might well find that Lazulite is a huge help here.
The healing energies of this crystal can provide energy to the internal organs. It can also boost the immune system and help with the proper functions of the endocrine glands.
It can provide protection if you are sun sensitive.
It can heal fractures, boost the lymphatic system, and alleviate problems in the thyroid and the pituitary.
It’s also known to be very beneficial to the liver and in easing the pains associated with migraines.
“青金石”是12月亮的诞生石。 它是带来“好运”的力量之石。这种石头的魅力在于美丽的深蓝色的外观。 它也是世界上第一个被认为是“能量石”的宝石。 因此,可以说是最古老的石头之一。
1. 青金石一般是蓝色的,而蓝色在西方象征着尊贵,所以佩戴青金石能提升人的尊贵气质。它还能够提高人的洞察力,缓解人的焦虑的情绪,让人在杂乱的环境中仍然能保持平心静气,气定神闲的去面对所有的事情。
2. 青金石对应人体七轮之中的眉心轮,经常佩戴青金石饰品能够缓解人的失眠、焦虑的症状,对于头痛、晕眩亦有良好的治疗效果。同时,青金石可以有效缓解呼吸系统的疾病,还能起到降血压的功效。
3. 青晶石含有独特的矿物成分和微量元素,经常佩戴青晶石饰品能够补充人体稀缺的矿物质和微量元素,起到增强人体的免疫力,加快人体的新陈代谢,起到强身健体、美容养颜的作用。
4. 佩戴青金石能够治疗发烧感冒和心情低落引发的忧郁症。除此之外它还能够增加人的灵性,提高观察能力以及理解能力。可让人变得高贵有气质。开车的人如果在车内挂上一个青金石做成的车挂,在开车的时候就能够集中注意力,稳定心情,在堵车或者有交通障碍的时候能够不骄不躁、不急不徐。有利于驾驶的安全性。
5. 将青金石放在眉间第三眼的地方,能够增强人的第六感,从深处来重新考虑问题。青金石吊坠挂在胸前还能够治疗呼吸系统方面的毛病,增强呼吸道功能。

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