Natural Madagascar Rose Quartz Handmade Jewellery Necklace


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  • Designed and handmade by B.C.
  • Silver plated hardware
  • Tarnish resistant processed
  • Measures 40cm+ 5cm in length
The most famous Rose Quartz is Madagascar powder pink crystal, which is what we often call in chinese “horse powder”. Because it is produced in Madagascar and it’s a very rare and very low production crystal quartz. The fair and lovely Rose Quartz, with its gentle pink essence is a stone of the heart, so it is very, very popular. Madagascar rose quartz is divided into: peach pollen crystal, cream pink crystal, jelly pink quartz. Among them, the quality of jelly pink quartz is the best, because the biggest feature of Madagascar rose quartz, it’s content of cotton wool and ice cracks. Even the best quality of rose quartz, it will have cotton wool and ice cracks in the crystal, so the permeability and the color is an important standard of value.
Rose Quartz nickname it’s called ‘Love Stone’. With compare other pink quartz, Rose Quartz is the most powerful or Triple Power up among all the pink quartz. This gemstone will perfect to boost of romance feeling to our emotions and to the health of our relationships..
If you are suffering from a broken heart, Rose Quartz will be the best friend who helps you recover. Allowing you to heal, forgive and learn to love all over again and this time with the person who is right for you.
Other emotional benefits of Rose Quartz include stress and anxiety relief, tolerance and compassion, forgiveness of others and suppression of jealousy and insecurity.
Freshwater Pearls has the meaning and properties of purifying inner-body energy.It is an amulet that can clean the negative energy accumulated inside you. It is good to use when you want to reset rough feelings and thoughts. Freshwater Pearl is useful when you want to get back pore mind.
粉晶中最有名的就属马达加斯加粉水晶,也就是我们常说的马粉,因为它产自马达加斯加岛,产量较少,颜色粉嫩,色泽亮丽,所以非常非常受人们欢迎。马达加斯加粉水晶分为:桃花粉,奶油粉,果冻粉。其中果冻粉的品质最好,因为马达加斯加粉水晶的最大特点是 棉絮和冰裂的含量,即使是质量最佳的粉水晶,晶体中都会有棉絮和冰裂的存在,所以透度和色泽被评判它价值重要标准。
马达加斯加粉晶开发心轮,加强心、肺功能的健康,可松弛紧张的情绪,舒缓烦躁心情,使心胸开阔。 所以说,马达加斯加粉晶对于人际关系、促进情感发达的宝石,可帮助追求爱情,把握爱情,享受爱情的宝石。协助改善人际关系,增进人缘,平常因种种因素导致人缘不好人 际关系欠佳的人,佩带马达加斯加粉晶有让你更有包容心与同理心、可改善人际关系不佳的状况,让你处处受欢迎。并招生意缘。可以协助深入内 心,发现自我提高悟性。马达加斯加粉晶对于招桃花素有奇效。 马达加斯加粉晶更是不同于一般粉晶,它是粉晶中的贵族,是普通粉晶招桃花功效的三倍!

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