Natural Opal S925 Retro Sterling Silver Adjustable Ring


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♥ Natural Opal gemstone
♥ S925 Sterling Silver; 92.5% silver
♥ Gemstone each size: 6.6mm x 6.6mm
♥ Certificate of gemstone & jewelry identification by ZJKAC
Opal is a gorgeous stone with a meaning that everyone can appreciate. It shouldn’t be a surprise that it has been sought-after for so long!
White Opal is all about balance, harmony, purity and love. It is also highly valued by women because it’s said to bring the user closer to the divine feminine. Opal to a daily spiritual practice can bring important and far reaching enhancements to your physical, emotional, spiritual and metaphysical well-being. Whether you use it with the goal of healing physical issues, bringing you closer to higher beings, finding harmony or letting go of old negative patterns, White Opal has the potential to enhance just about every aspect of your life.
Opal make it invaluable for promoting and maintaining overall emotional health. We recommend discussing any emotional issues you may have with a professional healer.
White Opal is also known for its ability to help with all kinds of love issues and challenges. This can be self love, the love of a partner or the love for a difficult child. It is also thought to promote and nurture the kind of love it takes for new mothers to adjust to life with a demanding newborn.
If you feel the need for a bit of creative inspiration, then you will want to have White Opal near you in your work space. This beautiful healing stone is known to unblock the flow of creative thinking and inspiration.
欧泊宝石是带来好运的护身符。佩戴欧泊石饰品可以保护人体,增强人体的血液流动,能够给大家带来好运,还能够调理身体,美容养颜, 散发高贵气质和个人魅力而且还能激发灵感和想像力,是催旺事业和招财的宝石。


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