Natural Opal Unisex Adjustable Ring in S925 Sterling Silver


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✅ Gemstone piece: 1pc/颗
✅Gemstone each size: 5.9mm x 7.7mm
✅Certificate of gemstone & jewelry identification by ZGIC
蛋白石作为宝石, 英文名为OPAL. 它属于非晶质,一种含水的二氧化硅,具有独特的变彩效应。在紫外线照射下,蛋白石会发出不同颜色的荧光,流光溢彩,所以一直以来都深受人们的欢迎。蛋白石在古代地位曾仅次于祖母绿,占宝石的第二位。国人十分喜爱蛋白石,特别是明清期间,视它为宫廷珍宝。蛋白石作为宝石,在欧亚同样受人喜爱。在古罗马,这种宝石曾一度被认为是权利的象征。有助于散发个人魅力与风度,丰富创意。
Opal is a Gem of beauty, charm, wealth and divine grace. It entitles a person to have a luxurious life. It bestows the power of fulfillment to the wearer and enhances financial prosperity. It is helpful for those in business particularly connected with travel and tourism, imports & exports.
You can find a lot of benefits from opal stones in many different ways. These stones are highly beneficial to us in our daily life. And here we are going to mention all the opal stone benefits below –
1) The gemstone has the power to enhance mutual understanding between couples. It also enhances love between them. Besides this, it clears all the issues or problems coming into the married life of a wearer and provides marital bliss to them. It helps to find a suitable match
2) Opals are highly beneficial for the people who are in artistic fields like singing, dancing, painting, acting, and many more. It improves your creative power and provides you an attractive personality. It makes you to get great success.
3)Opals protect their owner from all the negative things like fear of ghosts, bad dreams, or worst nightmares. It makes you stronger and creates a positive environment around.
4)The stone fights with all the obstacles coming in the life of its It keeps you away from all the natural calamities like fire, storm, and also road accidents. It protects you from sudden death and gives you a long life.
5) In ancient days, these gemstones are popularly known as ‘Patronus Forum’. And it is because, at that time it was believed that the gem makes the wearer invisible as their will. Also, black opals were considered to provide power to the
6) The stone is considered to be highly effective for people who are suffering from poor financial conditions. It balances the financial status and also aids in clearing all the debts and litigations as soon as possible.
7)Opal gemstones are good for health and have a lot of healing properties. It increases the immunity power and cures several problems related to reproductive organs, spleen, eye, throat, stomach, bone marrow, kidney, and pancreas. It also heals blood-related problems.
8) The stone provides Neuro-stability to its wearer which balances the left and right hemispheres of the brain.

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