Natural Purple Lepidolite Gemstone S925 Sterling Silver Pendant


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♥ Natural gemstone
♥ S925 Sterling Silver; 92.5% silver
♥ Gemstone each size: 16.8mm x 16.8mm
♥ Certificate of gemstone & jewelry identification by CGTC
Lepidolite is the perfect healing crystal to help a woman stabilize her emotions, dissolve the pain of deeply felt wounds, soothe the heart, and reduce stress and depression.
It will help you dry your tears, and become the superwoman that is hidden inside of you, just waiting for you to awaken her! The calming vibes of Lepidolite will be your weapon to tackle any storm, hurricane, or whirlwind. It will renew your sense of confidence and purpose.Call on Lepidolite to boost your dopamine, release natural “feel-good” chemicals, and feel euphoria.
This beautiful natural cyclical process releases a powerful emotional cleanse for a woman, bringing new peace and calm to mind, body, and soul. The circle shapes found within a hurricane are also a symbol of a female’s reproductive cycle. It’s signifying a world of hidden intuition and truth. This new heightened sense of balance can be used to focus on building something new and exciting in your life. When you are in a state of calm, you will be able to concentrate on aligning your spirit with your body, helping you walk through life with joy and harmony. We live in a world of evolution, where the only constant is change. When you begin to embrace change as an opportunity for continuous renewal and growth, you will develop the resilience you need to tackle any situation in life while enjoying the process.
Call on Lepidolite as your go-to crystal for a smooth and transitional journey, giving you the courage you need to never be afraid of change!
Lepidolite brings in good luck and dispels negativity. It also helps shift or rearrange old energy patterns, bringing hope and positivity to a bad situation. Lepidolite is believed to possess soothing energy for those who suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. And wearing a Lepidolite necklace can help with sleeping disorders.

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