Natural Raw Herkimer Diamond Stone Handmade Bracelet


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  • Designed and handmade by B.C.
  • Silver plated hardware
  • Tarnish resistant processed
  • Suitable wrist size:15cm – 18cm
Herkimer Diamonds are the high power seekers of this gemstone world. These charms are transparent that have brilliant spark. These manifest solid and pure light and are also the powerful amplifiers of the spiritual power. As a perfect carrier of the Universal Life Force these are the healing crystals that are used in the vision, dream and meditation work and also the advanced spiritual applications.
The Herkimer diamond is going to affect our love by waking up love we feel for ourselves. At an energetic level it brings joy, ability to celebrate life; its vibration allows the mind to find easy and positive solutions to face changes, challenges and overcome them.
The Herkimer Diamond can provide more vitality, relieve tension and have a positive effect on the brain, nerves and senses. In addition, he is said to have very good support healing processes, strengthen the immune system, prevent inflammation and infection and detoxify the entire body.
The Herkimer Diamond is going to make you more productive, so wealth is going to come into your life on its own. This powerful stone is going to give you power and strength to accomplish all of your goals so push harder if you want to achieve everything you imagined.
Diamonds have always been symbols of wealth and prosperity. Herkimer Diamonds should be worn around the neck and close to your heart. This is going to serve as a protection and talisman against bad luck and negative energy.
闪灵钻的一般用法与功能 :
1. 闪灵钻可平衡、净化七轮,消除负能量。(用于轮位治疗时,能够配合各脉轮水晶,效果更好)
2. 用于打坐时,更容易进入冥想状态,更易与光接近。能明显将能量传达出去、引导进来的功效,有助于增加心电感应,灵视力和直觉力。
3. 打坐或是冥想时想要提升能量或是聚集能量效果非常好,接引宇宙之光时效果最明显。可以用闪灵钻做成五芒星阵,也可以在打坐时放在掌心或是头顶。
4. 有助于开发顶轮,放在劳宫穴(握拳,中指指的那点就是),能增强我们感应水晶的能力。
5. 增加个人气场,清除紧张的情绪和压力,让你的精神和能力更强。
6. 提高灵性,增加意识的清晰度。让你有较高程度的精神层面的发展,使心灵平静、和谐及意识坚定。
7. 用来制作水晶水,用作引用及净化水晶,提高其他水晶的功效。把水晶水,喷洒居室,可以净化空间。
8. 可以改善皮肤皱纹。比如用闪灵钻的水晶水洗脸,用2-4颗闪灵钻放到爽肤水里,也可以将化妆品放在有闪灵钻水晶的能量罐子里活化。
9. 用闪灵钻贴在淤痛患处,有镇痛及化瘀效果。
10. 和双尖水晶一样,闪灵钻是最佳的不受噩梦侵扰的“幸运石”,在睡觉时候,放3颗在枕头底下,可以得到深度舒适的睡眠。(再在床尾放3颗黑双头水晶,效果更明显)
11. 可以增强自我保护的作用,可以做适合随身携带的护身符。闪灵钻的光芒可以让思考清晰,不受周围杂音干扰。

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