Natural Ruby Five-VStone Design S925 Sterling Silver Adjustable Ring


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♥ Natural ruby gemstone
♥ S925 Sterling Silver; 92.5% silver
♥ Gemstone each size: 2.1mm x 3.2mm
♥ Certificate of gemstone & jewelry identification by ZZTC
♦️The ruby stone, like the Sun, holds natural leadership qualities, thus the wearer of this stone is bound to get great support and admiration from positions of authority, the government and administration services.The wearer of a ruby gemstone can overcome timidity easily. So, people who find it difficult to get themselves heard or who find themselves in frustrating situations because nobody values their opinion should wear this stone. The Sun is a natural Atma karaka, thus wearing this stone boosts your confidence and opinion towards yourself.
♦️Wearing this stone ward-off against all the blood-related diseases. Eventually, a person who is suffering from blood diseases should wear this stone.
♦️A native who is born under the Zodiac sign Leo and born in the month of July should adopt this stone to enroll themselves to cherish all the benefits being offered by Sun led ruby stone.
♦️Wearing ruby stone enhances the concentration and memory power of its native. Moreover, it invokes spirituality and kindness in the heart of its native.
♦️This is a very much a heart-centered stone, and it personifies the Divine love of the Creator.
♦️It is a stone of manifestation, and will also support the retention of wealth, spirituality.
♦️The ruby gemstone is known to bring spark and aliveness in its wearer life.
♦️It eradicates sadness and depression from its wearer life. This gemstone enacts as a safeguard to protect its wearer against evil spirit, bad dreams.

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