Natural Ruby S925 Sterling Silver Dangler Earrings


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♥ Natural ruby gemstone
♥ S925 Sterling Silver; 92.5% silver
♥ Gemstone each size: 3.7mm x 4.9mm
♥ Certificate of gemstone & jewelry identification by EZKTC
❤️According to Vedic astrology, ruby represents the Manipura or Navel Chakra in your body. It stimulates this chakra to remove self-doubt and depression from your mind. A person wearing this stone will experience a boost of self-confidence and passion toward life.
❤️With the Sun in your corner, Ruby wearers are bound to strengthen the paternal relations in their life. Estranged and strained father-child relationships shall benefit from the positive effects of Ruby.
❤️The Ruby stone supports its wearer by helping them achieve success and fame in their dream job. It encourages and boosts creativity and self-confidence in the person, making them a go-getter in all aspects of their life.
❤️Attributed to improving social standing, the Ruby gemstone helps one elevate their status. It dials down inhibitions and promotes confidence which attracts popularity.
❤️Rubies are known for bringing vitality, improving blood circulation, enhancing vision, and mainly cardiac as well as blood-related problems.
❤️The Ruby stone elicits warmth, passion, and love in turn enhancing the quality of marital relationships.
If you are tormented by nightmares or feel negative energy around you, wearing a Ruby stone can help push them away.
❤️Ruby holds dominion over the Manipura Chakra or the Navel area of your body. When stimulated, this chakra removes self-doubt and eases depression.

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