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Ruby is recognised as ‘King of Gemstones’ as it is the most precious & popular among all gemstones. Ruby is a gemstone with striking appearance, strong metaphysical properties and benefits almost all individuals. However, astrologers recommend it mostly to people who have strong significance of Sun in their horoscope. The splendid Manik or Ruby is a superpower gem ruled by equally powerful planet, Sun. Like a life-giver Sun, Ruby too transforms its positive energies into human beings to give them fame, wealth, health, prosperity and luck. As per Vedic astrology, the Ruby signifies passion, power, energy, ambition and aspirations. Let’s know more including its benefits and procedure of wearing the natural ruby gemstone.
Due to its association with the Sun, ruby gemstone is aptly called the king of gems. It imparts mental health and amplifies the nobility of its wearer by several notches.
According to Vedic astrology, ruby represents the Manipura or Navel Chakra in your body. It stimulates this chakra to remove self-doubt and depression from your mind. A person wearing this stone will experience a boost of self-confidence and passion toward life.
Sun is revered as a father figure in the Vedic astrology. Hence, it is believed to cast positive impact on paternal relationships of its wearers as well. Astrological benefits of wearing ruby stone include its ability to remove strain from your relationship with your father.
If you feel a weakened situation with regard to your parents, it makes sense to invest in a ruby ring, pendant , or bracelet to bring the warmth back.
1. 红宝石对应心轮,可强化生命力,防小人的谋害和中伤。增强意志力,有助贯彻始终,达成目标。
2. 功能:改善人际关系,加强勇气,增强自信心。具繁荣兴盛能量,有助健康长寿,可作护身符。有效舒缓呼吸方面疲劳,有助清理头绪,缓和紧张压力。
3. 公关或者业务人佩戴,增加说服力,个人魅力,强化领导气质,有助于事业发展。可辟邪,并给人带来好运!

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