Natural Sapphire Double Stone Faceted S925 Sterling Silver Ring


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S925 sterling silver Sapphire Oval Faceted ring. One blue  oval sapphire precious gemstone, a variety of the mineral corundum, consisting of aluminium oxide with trace amounts of elements such as iron, titanium, chromium, vanadium, or magnesium. The sapphire weighs 2.40g, 1.74 carats, measures 6.2 mm wide by 7.3 mm long by 4.8 mm deep, and is 4 prong set. In addition, there are fourteen sets round  shape cubic zirconia.
♥ Natural sapphire gemstone
♥ S925 Sterling Silver; 92.5% silver
♥ Adjustable ring size
♥ Gemstone each size: 3.6mm x 4.9mm
♥ Certificate of gemstone & jewelry identification of CGCC


♥ Sapphire is one of the best calming stones that will help you focus your mind and help you release mental tension. It is great for removing unwanted thoughts and doubts, helping you to open your mind to intuition, beauty, that will bring you joy and restore balance. It is great for help if you need to take action in your hands, handle your daily tasks, and maintain your discipline.
Sapphire is always been considered as a symbol of integrity and efficiency when it comes to legal issues and serving justice. It is also a great stone for channeling healing power and it was used often by healers. People associated this crystal with love, commitment, fidelity, marriage, and attachment. Because of this, it is common to choose Sapphire as an engagement ring. Being one of the hardest gemstones with a rating of 9 on the Mohs scale, Sapphire jewelry will last you a long time.
Another interesting use of Sapphire gemstone is as supporting stone that will raise your awareness, stimulate your mind, and clear your mind and judgment. Lighter color stones are associated with leadership, wisdom, integrity and can help business people. It is an amazing grounding tool that will bring you more energy and help to complete the deals.
♥ 蓝宝石标志忠诚、坚贞、慈爱和诚笃。星光蓝宝又被称为“命运之石”,能保佑佩带者安全,并让人交好运。蓝宝石是9月和秋季的生辰石,它与红宝石有“姊妹宝石”之称。蓝宝石以其晶莹剔透的美丽颜色,被古代人们蒙上奥秘的超自然的颜色,被视为吉利之物。

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